Year 4

Mrs Jo Jones

Class Teacher

In the past, I have taught in various schools across Cornwall. I am now in my 10th year working within Kernow Learning. St Newlyn East is such a special place to work. I have taught many children here and lots have kept in touch by visiting school long after they have left- collecting their brothers and sisters! I lived in Canada for several years with my family before returning to Cornwall to teach.

I have two grown up children. Hannah who has not long completed her doctorate and Lewis who has completed his degree in anthropology. They both live together in London with Hannah's Pomeranian 'Bailey'.

I attended art college in Liverpool. Now I look after the Art Curriculum in school! I help Mr Watkins and Mrs Massabo to keep everyone safe in school.

When not in the classroom, I enjoy gardening or visiting Hannah and Lewis in London. I also like to go to the theatre or cinema.

Mrs Carol Carter


20th May
During PSHE, Year 4 have been looking at different scenarios about friendships and how to problem solve positively, sharing their fabulous ideas and thoughts with their classmates. In Spanish, we have been learning Tudor names, places as well as the colours of the House of Lancaster and York. We have also written our final independent piece of writing based on the book 'Winter's Child'. Our music so far this term has looked upon the famous musician Paul McCartney from the group 'The Beatles' - We are learning his composition known as 'Blackbird'. We have also looked at a timeline showing the different styles of music throughout History. 
Our citizens:
Max (13.5.22)
Samson (20.5.22)
6th May
This week in year 4 we are beginning to write own fantasy versions of 'Winter's Child' by Angela McAllister. In PSHE, we have identified the importance of a positive relationship with each other and how to overcome negativity through problem-solving. We have completed our artwork based on the famous Artist John Constable... with a slightly modern twist!
Citizens of the week:
Kenzie 29th April
Grace  6th May
April 8th
Sadly, only one more piano lesson to go.
This week, composing in pairs and performing to each other. 
We have completed our topic on rivers- something that we have all enjoyed. Year 4 didn't realise how complicated they can be! 
We have been illustrators designing front covers for our guided reading book 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hugues. In Literacy, we are completing our unit by writing persuasive letters about 'The Mermaid of Zennor'.
Our citizen:
Have a lovely Easter break Year 4.
Mrs Jones
25th March
What happens to a gummy bear when placed in water?
This week we have had lots of fun observing 'gummy bears' in science!
They certainly changed...a lot!
We have continued to learn the language of coding using the programme 2Logo. We have now completed our fantastic independent writing based on 'Cinderella of the Nile'. Our new Literacy unit this week is all about 'The Mermaid of Zennor'.  Using Atlases, Year 4 are now fantastic geographers who can locate rivers across the world from their 'source' following the river's 'course' to the 'mouth' and out to sea. 
Our Citizens:
Noah (18.3.22)
Harley (25.3.22)
11th March
During this week, Year 4 have been investigating 'Does a gas have a weight?' In our piano sessions this week, we have now learnt how to include a melody within our piece of music writing. 
Learning 'Logo' in IT has been so much's like a new language!
We are looking forward to writing our own version of 'Cinderella of the Nile' in Literacy next week.
Our citizen this week is:
11th February
Another busy time in Year 4. 
Our drama workshops have been amazing based on the Rainforests... black clothes for next Tuesday please for our finale!
The children have been learning how to note take in IT and Literacy. Our final piece of writing this term is based on a biography of the famous polar explorer Ernest Shackleton.
During E-Safety week, we have discussed the importance of how to keep safe. 
We can all now paint in the style of the painter Henri Rousseau! 
We sampled lots of different food tastes from India this week and also enjoyed their traditional music.
Thank you to all those children who have completed a piece of project work at home this half term. The results are brilliant!
Our citizens:
Raff (4.2.22)
Leo (11.2.22)
28th January 
Year 4 have been completing their Literacy work on Gulliver's Travels this week. 
The whole class has started to learn how to play the piano, including Mrs Jones!
This has been lots of fun!
We have linked our Topic work to Drama this half term. The children have been looking at the movement of animals and plants in the Rainforest to complete a piece of work before the end of term. Thank you Miss Katie!
Our Citizens:
Sara (21.1.22)
Logan (28.1.22)

14th January

After our well-earned break in Year 4, it’s back to our learning!

We have completed our unit on Electricity in Science, experimenting with circuits, discovering what is an insulator and what is a conductor.

Year 4 always enjoy looking through our class 'floor book'. A reflection of our learning and whole class discussions. In our PSHE lesson, we have looked at how to achieve our goals and dreams. These may be short term such as a pen licence or long term with a career choice in mind.

As a class, we will be learning the piano each Monday during this term. We are so excited!



10th December
Year 4 have enjoyed their guided reading book this term called 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' which is based on Viking myths.
As a class, we have certainly been surprised at all the different writing styles there are within pieces of poetry.
Now we can write using a variety of poetry styles and devices such as Haiku and Cinquain. 
Our citizen this week is
26th November
 An exciting couple of weeks in Year 4.
From completing our 3-D Viking boats, to writing a rap about how to keep our planet clean!
We have started to write our own stories based on the fictional book 'Odd' by Neil Gaiman, using some fabulous vocabulary to set the opening scene. We have been learning about our families and their names in Spanish. In ICT we have been looking at coding and how to move objects through timings as part of an animation programme.
Our citizens:
Mackenzie (26.11.21)
Samson (3.12.21)
12th November 
During the last two weeks we have started our new topic about The Vikings'.
In literacy, we are studying a fictional book called 'Odd and the Frost Giants' (Neil Gaiman), which is about a Viking boy. 
During our Guided reading sessions, we are looking at Viking myths- which we are really enjoying.
In our PSHE lesson, we have looked at the importance of not judging anyone by the way they look.
In maths, we are now brilliant when solving perimeter within a grid.
Our citizens:
Izzy (12.11.21)
Lowenna (26.11.21)
15th October
We have been looking at the importance of mini- habitats. We checked our local environment to see if we could find any invertebrates. We found many. Now we know what a slug's egg look like!
In Literacy, we are analysing the book 'The Matchbox Diary'. The story is about an amazing life all in one tiny box! This will lead onto our own diary writing. We have debated different scenarios through our PSHE lessons and now understand what is 'fact' and what is 'opinion'.
We now all sing 'Mama Mia' with great gusto!
Our citizens:
Alfie and Zane.

1st October 

We've had such a busy week in year 4. We are finally putting our newspaper reports together based on the Battle of Hastings- using impressive 'sensational language'. We have looked at Anglo-Saxons place names that still exist today using an atlas. In IT, we have been looking at 'plagiarism', as well as understanding the meaning of 'copyright'. The children have a hand written task to complete for next Thursday's lesson.


Our citizen this week is Evie.

September 2021.
What a wonderful start to this new academic year.
We have been extremely busy in Year 4. The children are enthusiastic with all their learning from a timeline of the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day, to the meaning of 'heraldry' researching and designing their own 'Coats of Arms'. The children have learnt about keeping safe on the internet. The Police Officer who visited our class was extremely impressed with Year 4's knowledge and understanding of e-safety. In Science we have looked at the meaning of the word 'classification'. 
We have discussed how we are all unique- each one of us so different to the next person. There is after all 'Only One You'.
Our PE sessions this half term are on Friday afternoons.