Year 2

Mrs Vicki Stavrou

Class Teacher

Hello I’m Mrs. Stavrou and I feel privileged to teach Year 2 and continue their learning journey in KS1, whilst getting them prepared for KS2. This is my fourth year working at St. Newlyn East Learning Academy and I’m very lucky to be part of a unique and special team.

I am also the Design & Technology and Science lead for the school. As a graduate of psychology, I’m interested in the scientific study of behaviour, and I love the inquisitiveness that both the subjects bring out in children.

Out of school, I love going on long walks and spending time exploring Cornwall’s gorgeous beaches with my husband and two children. One of our favourite pastimes is looking for sea glass, and we have built up quite a generous collection! I have a passion for reading, the theatre and getting into the latest box set on Netflix. In the summer time, you might spot me trying to surf-something I’m persevering with.

Mrs Jo Bentley


Hi, my name is Ms Bentley, I have worked within the trust for 6 years. I gained a degree in Teaching and Learning 2 years ago and hope to complete the final year to become a teacher in the near future. I am extremely proud to work at St. Newlyn East School and love my role as support teacher within Year 2.

I have lived in Newquay for 25 years and am so grateful to live by the sea and call Cornwall my home. My home itself is very lively, I have 3 children, Rhys 16, Calum 15 and Maisie who is 9. We spend our spare time walking Ralph, our Westie-Poo, on the beach or at the local woods. I absolutely love reading and spend most evenings at home relaxing with my family and a good book.

Citizens of the Week
Amelie for always challenging herself in her work, especially in maths. 
Emma for her continued passion for learning and always pushing herself to do better.
9th - 16th  May
Year 2 have begun their science topic on habitats. We started by exploring our school grounds and recording the different animals we could see. We then searched in microhabitats for minibeasts. We are looking forward to our trip to Newquay to explore coastal, woodland, urban and lake habitats. In ICT, we have really enjoyed looking at various famous artist's work and recreating our own versions of them. In PSHE, we are learning to understand different relationships with family and friends and in Music, we are listening to lots of songs about friendship and we'll be learning to perform one as a band. For PE, we are doing fantastic learning our wild weather dance routine with Katie Bell - only one week to go! 
Citizen of the week
Evie for her kindness towards others and her politeness everyday! 
Monty for fitting into our class so well and coming to school each day with a smile and a hard working attitude. 
25th April - 2nd May
Two weeks back already and Year 2 are well into their 'Wild Weather' topic. We have begun to discover different weather types and how weather changes throughout the year, months and even in the same day. We are observing this by recording the weather each day for the rest of the term. In maths, we have started our measurement unit by comparing length and height and using a ruler to measure in centimetres. In literacy, we have been examining the footprints of some endangered animals and learning all about the extinct bird, the Dodo from our book 'The Journey Home'. In PE, the children are thoroughly enjoying their dance project with Katie Bell and can't wait to show you!
Citizen of the week
Orla for her passion for learning and perseverance in her writing.
Edward for his kindness after donating his own pocket money to our Polytunnel fund. 
28th March-4th April
To end our topic we have received some absolutely fantastic Rainforest projects and we’re overwhelmed with the hard work put into them all - thank you! In perpetration for Easter, in R.E. Year 2 have learned about the meaning of Easter to Christian’s and how people celebrate Easter. After been inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe, we have created some beautiful landscapes with oil pastels and drawn large flowers then painted them with watercolours. We also enjoyed using mini pizzas to help understand fractions; we all cut and shared out one quarter of a pizza each! Yummy! In Science, we are still observing how our beans are growing and hoping that our sunflower is going to be the biggest in the school. We’d like to say a big thank you and goodbye to Mr Missions who is leaving us this term and wish him all the best in his teaching career, he will be missed.
Citizens of the Week 
Josh for his all round fantastic effort this week, especially in Literacy. 
Lettice for her passion for learning and perseverance in all areas. 
14th & 25th March
Year 2 have been very busy the last couple of weeks; for their Science they have planted their bean seeds so they can observe them to find out how they grow and what they need to grow healthy. They also had a walk round the school to identify how many different plants and trees there are. They really enjoyed the village walk to look around our local area so we could compare the similarities and differences to Kampong Ayer in Asia. In Literacy, the children have written estate agent descriptions about the House Held up by Trees, they have used great description and drew some fantastic pictures. In Maths, we are moving onto Fractions after learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. The children really enjoyed observing how much their Gummy Bears grew for Science Week, and some are still growing!
Citizen of the Week
Edward for his persevering with his handwriting and striving to do his best.
Benn for his growing passion for learning and trying his hardest.
28th February - 7th March
Year 2 have had a great start to Spring Term 2. We began the week by taking about our new topic ‘Home & Away’ and what we want to find out about. We’ll be comparing where we live with a small water village in Asia. The children really enjoyed World Book Day and had the opportunity to share their favourite books with each other. In ICT, they have created their own game of Guess Who? and enjoyed making up their own questions. In Music, we’re learning about Rock Music and the children have already been rocking out to Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You!’ We are loving our new Literacy book and the children can’t wait to write their descriptions about a house held up by trees.
Citizen of the Week
Ollie for the amazing improvement in his handwriting!
31st January-7th February 
Year 2 have jumped straight into their Science topic on 'materials' and have begun to identify everyday materials and their properties. The children went on a materials hunt and then identified and classified materials into 'bendy' or 'rigid'; we then had a discussion on which were the bendiest and why? We are now looking forward to testing out different materials to find out which would make the best space suit for an astronaut. We have also enjoyed our ICT lessons this term learning all about spreadsheets and making 'magic calculators'. We've also been learning lots about how to stay safe online. Next week we begin our DT project on designing, making and evaluating Mars Rovers! 
Citizen of the Week
Ruby for her perseverance and kindness this week, well done!
Josh for his great reasoning in Maths and working hard.
17th - 24th January
Year 2 really enjoyed their trip to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth last week. We learnt all about the explorer Sir Francis Drake, and the expedition he was sent on by Queen Elizabeth I to find treasures. We discovered our very own treasure, built Tudor boats then raced them, explored the very top and bottom of the museum and even had time to look at the Monsters of the Deep-Sea expedition. A fun day had by all! We have also finished reading 'Ocean Meets Sky' in literacy and we are now writing our very own fantasy stories. In RE, we are learning about Muslims and the religion of Islam and in PSHE we are thinking about our 'dreams & goals' and how best to achieve them. 
Citizen of the Week
Ellie-Rae for her perseverance every day in maths and especially ICT this week. She never gives up! 
Kitty for growing in confidence this week and overcoming her fears in PE. Well done!
5th & 10th January 
Year 2 began their Great Explorers topic this week by thinking about the characteristics an explorer may have and why. We are looking forward to our trip next week to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth to find out lots more and explore ourselves. I’m PE, we enjoyed our lesson on the climbing frame apparatus, developing our strength and balance. In maths, we are continuing to learn about money by adding coins and notes together to make amounts. If you have any spare change about at home it would be a great opportunity for the children to practise!
Citizen of the Week
Orla for coming back to school with enthusiasm and learning all her lines for the Nativity. 
Tegen for her passion in wanting to make the school a better place.
29th November & 6th December
Year two have been extremely busy the last two weeks rehearsing for the school Nativity with Year 3. We are can't wait for you to see it - the children are amazing! For our science topic this term we have been looking at the different types of materials around us. We have discussed what different objects are made of and some of their properties. We then went on a materials hunt around the school and recorded what we could find. In maths, we are now learning about money and recognising the values of coins and notes. We also had a fun filled decorating morning listening to Christmas songs and making colourful baubles and paper chains for our classroom. 
Citizen of the Week
Grace for her passion for learning and motivating others in her class. 
15th & 22nd November 
Year 2 had a very exciting visit from Newquay Fire Station last week. They showed the children how the fire brigade has changed since the Great Fire of London. We looked at all the equipment they have on the fire truck and all the other ways in which they help people in trouble. It has helped us to understand how much things have changed over the last 350 years. In English, we are starting to plan our diary write about being a child in 1666 when the fire started. In ICT, we are learning how to make algorithms to make moving picture, which we are loving! In maths, we are continuing with adding and subtracting using the column method to help us. Keep up the great work! 

1st & 8th November 

Hattie for the amazing improvement in her handwriting, she always strives to do her best.

Amelie for her kindness to others and always listening well. 


Wow, what a jam-packed two weeks we’ve had in Year 2 already! We are loving learning all about the Great Fire of London for our topic and in English. We have been doing some drama by imagining what life was like back in 1666. We played: rat catchers, scullery maids, apothecary people, chimney sweepers and gong farmers. We are enjoying designing our story boards retelling the events during this time in history. In maths, we’ve been learning how to add and subtract two digit numbers using base 10 to support us. We’ve also began our rehearsals for this year’s Nativity performance and we can’t wait to show you!

Citizen of the Week
Edward for his resilience and how he strives to do his best in everything!
Benn for working hard and having pride in his work. 
4th & 11th October 
Year 2 have begun a new English unit about a boy who receives a puppy as a present. They are beginning to write their own set of instructions on how best to take care of a puppy. In maths, we have begun looking at Addition and Subtraction and this week we are looking at Fact Families. For Black History Month, we talked about Martin Luther King Jr. and how his dream inspired millions of people. The children then wrote about their own dreams for the future. We have also been learning how to stay safe online through our online programme Purplemash, and the children have even read and sent their own emails! The children have worked so hard this term and they should be very proud of themselves. They celebrated reaching their target with a movie, popcorn and hot chocolate! 
Citizen of the Week
Sophia for her kindness towards others and always trying her hardest in lessons.
Emma for her passion for learning and impeccable manners.  
20th & 27th September
Year 2 have begun their Science topic by looking around the playground and grouping things into 'living', 'never lived' and 'no longer living'. We have explored what it means to be alive and why some things have never lived. In Music, we are learning all about South African inspired music and recognising the pulse in music and how to move in rhythm.  In PE, we are working on our footwork skills and using them to compete in team games. In Maths, we are continuing with Place Value and are beginning to order and compare two-digit numbers. Fantastic work Year 2 keep it up! 
Citizens of the Week
Lettice for her perseverance and helpfulness.
Evie for her kindness towards others.
6th & 13th September
Year 2 have had a fantastic two weeks back to school. We have started our ‘London’ topic by identifying famous landmarks, looking at the geographical features and using maps to navigate around the city. The children have dived into their new book ‘A Walk in London’ by looking at how facts are presented within a story. In Maths, we are working on Place Value by using different resources to show tens and ones. I’ve been really impressed by the children’s hard work, perseverance and kindness. Keep it up Year 2!