Year 1

Mrs Laura Massabò

Class Teacher

Hello and Welcome to Year 1 at St Newlyn East!

My name is Mrs Massabo' and I have worked in Year 1 at St Newlyn East Learning Academy for seven years now. I am so proud to be a part of this school! As well as teaching my lovely class, I am Assistant Headteacher. I also lead Phonics and Modern Foreign Languages at the school. I am a Specialist Leader in Education (SLE) for Phonics so I help other schools with teaching early reading and phonics as part of the Kernow English Hub.

When I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, especially when the weather is sunny and we can have walks on the beach or in the beautiful Cornish countryside! When I get the chance in the school holidays I also like to visit Italy and Sardinia, where my husband and I have lots of family.

Mrs Hayley Richards


My name is Mrs Richards and I have worked in Year 1 with Mrs Massabò for 5 years. I love it!

I have a passion for all things 'Dance' and even run dance classes at the school, including Ballet and Tap. I live with my two daughters Ella and Lola, our dog Frankie and our cat Polly. We have recently moved into our new house and we're having lots of fun getting it looking just the way we'd like it! On the weekends I like to take Frank on lovely long walks on our local beach, Porth.

w/b 25th April and 2nd May
Year 1 were very lucky to enjoy a workshop with Will Keating this week. Will is a Cornish folk singer who not only treated us to his wonderful music, but taught us some facts about our Cornish heritage. This workshop formed part of our new 'Home Sweet Home' topic, which explores the history and geography of our local area. We also took part in a traffic survey in the village to find out how the local area is used and we looked out for road signs after learning about their meanings. We look forward to taking Year 1 out for weekly walks around the village as part of our topic! 
w/b 14th & 21st March 
The children in Year 1 have been so fascinated by delving into the past for our Pompeii topic. We made plaster casts to understand how archaeologists discovered 'bodies' in the ruins and we have created mosaics like the ones discovered in Pompeii, among many other artefacts. We have also acted out the events from the point of view of eyewitnesses based on their accounts. In Literacy we have been learning to use 'ing' and 'ly' suffixes in our writing and in Maths we have been continuing with measuring.  
w/b 28th February & 7th March
What a brilliant start we've had to the new half term! Year 1 have been really fascinated by our new topic- The Lost City: Pompeii. We have been finding out about what happened when Mt Vesuvius erupted nearly 2000 years ago and how we know so much about the past because of this event. We have been learning about the lives of rich and poor Romans and what Pompeii would have looked like before the eruption. In Maths, we have been measuring length and mass, taking part in practical activities to support our understanding. Our class text is Beegu, a story about a little alien who arrives on Earth.  We've written some fantastic character descriptions and designed and labelled our own aliens too.  
w/b 31st January & 7th February 
Year 1 were very excited to welcome Mrs Massabo's husband Ugo 'The Cornish Italian' to school last week for an Italian cookery workshop. We made fresh pasta and tomato sauce and tasted lots of Italian ingredients. It was so much fun! We have also been learning about the physical geography of Italy and were amazed at how beautiful the mountains and beaches are. In Literacy we have been writing our own versions of 'I Want My Hat Back' by Jon Klassen and in Maths we have been working with numbers up to 50, ordering them and partitioning them into tens and ones. What a clever bunch!
w/b 17th and 24th January
Well done to Year 1 for their fantastic perseverance over the past two weeks. We have been learning about the Italian cities of Venice and Rome and made beautiful Venetian masks! We have also been exploring the 5 senses in Science and identified the senses needed to experience or enjoy objects such as different foods and musical instruments. We wrote brilliant diary entries in character as the boy from 'King of the Sky' in Literacy and in Maths we have been learning about related facts and how to subtract in a variety of ways. 
w/b 3rd and 10th January 
What a lovely start we've had to the New Year in Year 1! The children have returned from their Christmas break with lots of enthusiasm and fantastic focus. We have begun our new 'La Bella Italia' topic, in which we will learn about the country Italy. So far we can identify the country on a map of Europe and know the colours of the national flag. We also know about some famous foods, which we look forward to sampling soon... Our new text in Literacy is a beautiful story about an Italian boy who moves to the UK and has inspired the children to write some lovely character descriptions. In Maths we've been using a new tool called a 'rekenrek' to help with our counting. We've had so much fun using them! 
Congratulations to our Citizen for Friday 14th January, Robyn! Robyn has such a great attitude towards learning and always has a smile on her face so it is clear that loves being in school.
w/b 29th November & 6th December
We are so proud of Year 1 for their performance of Wriggly Nativity! The children spoke so clearly and their confidence grew with each rehearsal. Beautiful singing, smiling faces and lots of hard work from all involved... Well done to our little actors! We are in full-swing with our Christmas fun, lots of beautiful decorations for Decorating Day and some fantastic letters to Father Christmas. In Maths we have been learning to count forwards and backwards, add and subtract within 20. 
w/b 15th & 22nd November 
Year 1 have been learning all about the sorts of jobs that existed in castles a long time ago and acted out the jobs for the rest of the class to guess. We decided that some of the jobs weren't altogether very appealing (ask your child about a 'gong farmer')! We have also been making knights' shields with our own crest designs. In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and in Literacy we have been enjoying the story 'Dragon Post'. We wrote fantastic book reviews that explained our own opinions and feelings. This week we have been learning how to have fair discussions, taking turns with a partner and showing that we are listening well.
w/b 1st & 8th November
In Year 1 we have launched our new Castles and Knights topic to much excitement! The children have been fascinated with learning about the parts of a castle and had a go at drawing their own, complete with all the important features. We have also learned about some well-known Cornish castles such as Pendennis and Restormel. In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract using a variety of different tools such as ten frames and part, whole models. Our class are really enjoying our Jigsaw PSHE lessons and have been celebrating differences between people, with lots of rich opportunities for discussion.
Congratulations to our recent Citizens Seth and Talia, who have been making good progress with their reading and have been showing impeccable manners in class.
w/b 4th, 11th and 18th October 
I am so thrilled with how well the children are settling into the routines of Year 1 and immersing themselves in our learning. The last few weeks have been so busy! Through our Wonderful Woodlands topic we have learnt about the changing seasons, parts of a plant, foxes and leaf varieties. We created some Andy Goldsworthy-style natural collages and of course... visited Metha woods! The children loved donning their wet weather suits and getting stuck into nature. Our class text for the past two weeks has been 'Stanley's Stick' by John Hegley- we have let our imaginations run wild with ways we could role play using a stick like the boy in the story. In Maths we have been learning to count on and add.  
Congratulation to our recent Citizens of the Week, Nellie and Bella, who have been such kind, thoughtful and conscientious members of our class.
w/b 20th and 27th September 
We've had a very busy couple of weeks in Year 1 and have really loved learning about Wonderful Woodlands. We have learned about the four seasons, created clay woodland animal sculptures and have learnt all about the diets of badgers, foxes, hedgehogs and other British woodland creatures in Science. In Maths we have been learning to compare numbers using the language 'more' and 'fewer' and in English we've been studying the story 'Mrs Mole, I'm Home!' by Jarvis- a funny tale that we're retelling from the point of view of the main character, Morris. 
Congratulations to our Citizen for Friday 24th September, Penelope, who always listens well during lessons and has beautiful manners. Our Citizen for Friday 1st October is Joseph, who has grown in confidence each day and shows super enthusiasm for learning. Well done, you two!
w/b 6th and 13th September
What a busy two weeks we've had in Year 1! We are really enjoying learning about different tree species in our Wonderful Woodlands topic and have discovered lots of varieties in our beautiful school grounds such as oak, hawthorn and alder. We have learnt about woodland animal habitats and wrote ideas for how to look after a hedgehog if you find one in your garden. In Maths, we have been sorting and counting objects into groups. It's going to be a great year! 
Congratulations to Charlie and Tori who were our first two citizens of Year 1 and have shown us just how ready they are for the new year through their passion for learning and perseverance.