The Trevilson Trust Library

The Trevilson Trust Library
We are so fortunate to have been provided with two HUGE donations from the Trevilson Trust which supports the children in the parish of St. Newlyn East. We were delighted to name our newly refurbished library after the them and are really looking forward to our 'Grand Opening' in the Summer Term.
Sharing our love of books
As part of our 'Reading for pleasure' drive in school, Mrs. Penrose has started to talk to staff about a simple activity to do when each class has library time...
The class will sit in a circle (if possible) and share their favourite page, character, piece of information etc with their classmates; they will do this before they look for a new book. The children are also being encouraged to recommend the book they have just read to a friend. 
This is a lovely idea which I saw in practice today in the library: Mrs. Penrose's class are AMAZING readers and LOVE the library...