SNEET information

Our SNEET - St Newlyn East Environmental Team - are the best environmental team (we think) in England: we are passionate, committed and want to care for our local community and make a difference in the world. 
Litter Picks
One of the main activities that you will see below is the litter pick which has started up again this term (spring 2022). Here, you can see the Year 6 leaders nurturing and supporting the potential new recruits in year 2. Thanks for keeping the school grounds clean team. 
New Noticeboard
You can see in the picture below the new SNEET noticeboard which is now in the hall. The SNEET will be launching this in assembly next week with a handy suggestion box. They will encourage their friends and peers to add suggestions to the box for the SNEET to work on in the spring and summer terms. 
Daffodil Planting
We are keen to improve the beauty around the school and planting daffodil bulbs in the autumn. We have planted them all over the school grounds and hope to see them in the spring. 
Sophie and Eliza visited St Columb Minor for our very own Kernow Learning environmental summit. They enjoyed contributing to a discussion about how to improve the local community and on a more national basis; they even grilled a local MP with some tricky questions. Thanks girls. 
Newquay Apple Orchard
Many thanks to Janine Bisson for organising this trip for the SNEET. Also special thanks to Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Carter for taking the children. 
The SNEET had a fabulous morning walking around Newquay Orchards and learning about the apple-growing process. This tied in nicely with our revised emphasis we are placing on our school values; with the apple tree image depicting the 6Ps.
The team now also have some great ideas for our very own polytunnel when it is built - I think they are very keen to grow our own fruit and sell it to the public...we are going to have 'proper' entrepreneurs at SNELA!!
Watch this space... 
SNEET - Big Litter Pick - Saturday 4th April
We were so grateful to the SNEET and Janine for organising the village 'Big Litter Pick '22' The SNEET met on Saturday afternoon and, thankfully, had a dry hour or so to collect quite a lot of rubbish from the park and surrounding area. As you can see from the bags, there was quite a lot of litter around; but now, we have a sparkly new playing field and area in the village.
A huge thankyou to the SNEET (and younger volunteers) and to Janine for organising this event.