Reading at St. Newlyn East

What does reading look like at St. Newlyn East Learning Academy?

We are passionate about reading; when our teachers and support staff are passionate and talking about a text this creates a buzz around it and this inspires the children.


Being able to read well matters and at St. Newlyn East we are fortunate enough to have TWO Specialist Leaders in Education for Phonics and English: Mrs. Massabo' and Mrs. Findlay. This enables them both to provide excellent CPD for all staff in all aspects of English.


Being able to read well can also significantly impact on success in school and beyond. It takes children into imagined worlds far beyond their own experience, and make possible endless opportunities to explore new areas of learning, thinking and ideas.



The power of reading is immense, and we want children to be able to take full advantage of the benefits, pleasure and enjoyment that it has to offer. 


We aim to develop positive attitudes towards reading so every child thinks of themselves as a reader and has fostered a love of the written word in all its various forms. We wish to create a community of readers that share, enjoy and promote reading as a skill and desirable past time.


 Early Phonics

Read Write Inc Information

Read Write Inc. Phonics is systematic and enjoyable programme that teaches children to read and write quickly and easily. We have followed this programme for 8 years and we are proud of the rapid progress our pupils make with their Phonics and Early Reading. See 'Early Reading and Read, Write, Inc. Phonics' section for further information. 

A key element of the Read Write Inc. approach is that practice across the school is completely consistent. This is achieved because every member of staff is trained, coached and supported to be an expert in the teaching of reading. Children are grouped by ability allowing lessons to specifically address individual learning needs.

At St Newlyn East Learning Academy we are very proud of the rapid progress that our pupils make in reading and writing! 

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If you would like to practice some sounds at home, please follow the link to ICT games website.


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Our Read Write Inc Manager is Laura Massabo'-Specialist Leader in Education for Phonics.


Whole Class Guided Reading

We teach whole class guided reading from Yr.2 upwards. Furthermore, all classes have access to a wide range of texts from a variety of authors: we have recently reassessed our reading curriculum to ensure that the books feature characters, and are written by authors, from a range of backgrounds, particularly those with SEND and those from ethnic minorities-children need to see themselves and their friends in the books that they read. 

There is dedicated time for sharing stories and a class read. These are read every day throughout the year; this helps to promote reading as a desirable past time and something that should be valued and treasured.


We use VIPERS from the Literacy Shed to support children with their reading comprehension skills. VIPERS are a range of reading prompts based on the 2016 reading Content Domain Areas (CDAs) found in the National Curriculum.


The same mnemonic can be used by both KS1 and KS2 with a little adaptation. 

The main differences being in the S - sequence in KS1 and Summarise in KS2 also in the Explain section.  

In KS1 'Explain' is not one of the content domains, rather it asks children to explain why they have come to a certain conclusion or to explain their preferences, thoughts and opinions about a text. 

In KS2 the Explain section covers the additional content domains of 2F, 2G and 2H which are not present in KS1. 

Each classroom will have the Reading VIPERS displayed in the reading area of their classroom and the class teacher will make explicit links to the skill the children will be learning about. This gives all children across the school a common language to discuss their reading knowledge and understanding.

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Our goal is to motivate children to want to read so they will practice reading independently and, thus, become fluent readers. That happens when children enjoy reading.  At the end of every school day, the class teachers will read and share high quality texts to your children at a level which is beyond their reading age. This ensures that we continue to develop their vocabulary and understanding of characters and plot far beyond their reading level. It also gives them access to worlds and experiences different to their own.