Personal Development - 'Futures' Assemblies

'Futures' Assemblies
Welcome to our 'Futures' assemblies page - this is a page dedicated to the inspirational people we get in from different industries to showcase their job, skill or profession. 
We have started this in January 2021 and have tried to find guest speakers from the world of science and engineering to begin with.
We firmly believe that having guest speakers in to talk about their Perseverance in their won careers really makes a difference. As of May 2022, KS2 are embarking on a new journey with - Inspiring the Future - a charity who support schools in giving children aspirational goals for their future careers. Our first workshop will be running on Thursday 26th May. We are looking forward to widening our network of inspirational people and organisations - many thanks for accepting us 'Inspiring the Future.' 
Jordan and Katie from SERCO
We have been so thankful for Jordan, Katie and Phil from the SERCO engineering company who have supported us with our Lego League challenge this year. We were even more thankful for Jordan and Katie (who are only apprentices) who came in to talk to KS2 about their love for everything engineering and science related. Thank you so much. 
Rob and Chelsea from Royal Navy
We were very fortunate and thankful for the Royal Navy to come in to year 6 to give a presentation about their work and their passion for it. Arthur from year 6 said, 'It was very interesting to see all of the different jobs that you can do.' Harry also enjoyed it saying, 'I liked learning about the four areas of force that act on a plane.' 
Rob and Chelsea were also then able to present in assembly to the rest of KS2. Their passion for their job shone through and we are looking forward to their return in a few weeks for the creation of our own wooden aeroplanes! 
Thank you so much. 
Will Keating - Cornish Singer and Songwriter - May 3rd Visit
We were thrilled to welcome Will Keating to our school this week. Will linked up with both Year 1 and Year 3 for their Cornish-based topics in the morning and afternoon. Part of the workshop included talking through his instruments he used, getting the children singing into the microphone and musical performance. The children loved it.
The rest of the school were then treated to a concert-style assembly where Will talked about his anxiety before he eventually became a singer: he said how he had to persevere with daily practice before he was brave enough to sing. It was a great message for our children and taught them that to be skilled at something takes hours of dedication. We all thought that he was fab and the final 'Cornwall My Home' song was very moving and emotional. Thanks Will.  
Guest speakers to come...
9th June - Malcolm Bell - Chief Exec of visitcornwall
23rd June - Robert Wiltshire - Digital Software Cornwall Lead meet Robert here