Our Ethos & Values

At St Newlyn East Learning Academy we understand that improving educational outcomes is the most important way we can positively impact on our children’s futures. When we say ‘Educational’, we mean that this is much more than end of Key Stage outcomes. As a team, we care passionately about the whole child and their mental health and wellbeing is foremost: we want our children to be safe and happy, hence our new tagline: 'An inspiring community of happy, lifelong learners.'

We then focus on key principles or values that the children are beginning to understand: Perseverance, Passion, Purpose, Pace, Praise and Participation. 

Our curriculum is purposeful and has been designed with input from both the staff and the children. We want them to study a wide range of enquiry led subjects which help them develop not only skills and knowledge but a life-long love of learning.


Mr Andy Watkins


We are a school that prides itself on our revised whole school tagline of 'An inspiring community of happy, lifelong learners.' We truly believe if we, as a whole staff team, are happy in our work, then the children we take care of, nurture and teach will be happy. Happiness will lead to learning.

One of our main values is Perseverance and it is our firm belief that children need challenge and be pushed in to trying difficult activities in order to grow inner strength. Childhood is a magical, wonderful time. We strive to ignite children’s curiosity and passions and give them the opportunity to build confidence and learn everything they will need for their future.

Please see the link below for video information about our wonderful school.

If you are thinking of joining or would like to come and visit, please contact the school office and I'll look forward to showing you around.

Andy Watkins - Head Teacher