Our 'Enquiry-led' Curriculum


St Newlyn East’s Enquiry-led Curriculum

Whole School Intent: To create ‘An inspiring community of happy, lifelong learners.’

Our vision at St Newlyn East Learning Academy is to have an inspiring, enquiry-led curriculum that ignites children’s curiosities and equips them (and our staff) with the knowledge, skills and experiences they need in order to thrive in our modern world.

We believe that happy children learn and so we work extremely hard on making the well-being of the children and staff a priority.

During the course of 2021 and now into 2022, we have been focused on what makes our school and curriculum unique and what we all believe is at the heart of what we do.

Over-arching question - forming the 'Intent' for the learning...

For each unit of learning, particularly in the humanities, the teaching team set an 'over-arching' question which encompasses the whole unit, examples include, 'How did London change after the Great Fire of London?' 'Why was World War 1 called The Great War?' and 'What creatures live in the ocean?' 

The other lessons within this unit then address this overarching question and feed into it - they act as the 'Implementation tools.' A good example would be from the Year 1 autumn term 1 science topic with key questions below...

  1. ‘What are the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees?’

2. ‘What are the parts of a plant?’

3. ‘Which woodland animals are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores?’

4. ‘What are the homes of woodland animals known as?’

5. What happens to the weather throughout the four seasons?’

Please see the example below where the above information can be found.  

Foundation Stage

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. This is a statutory requirement for all schools. Our team of Foundation practitioners use on going assessment and observations of the children to develop a flexible curriculum. The curriculum is based on the children’s interests. This is ensures that they are enthusiastic and motivated about their learning. Our foundation stage children have continuous access to both inside and outside. We provide a carefully planned play-based curriculum which also maximises opportunities for children to develop their own lines of enquiry and Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Phonics and reading are taught through our structured Read, Write Inc programme. This is a recognised scheme that ensures that all children become confident, independent and enthusiastic readers.