Year 5 have so enjoyed learning to play the Ukulele. Huge thanks to Mr Field for inspiring and teaching them this term.
The children have been so inspired by our visiting musicians this term: a guitarist, a brass player and a pianist. We are so excited to get the opportunity to learn these instruments from such a young age.

At St Newlyn East Learning Academy we value all areas of the curriculum and drive to enable children to become well-rounded and successful academics and humans. Music and singing are real passions of ours, we believe they are truly fundamental to children’s development. We know everyone can sing and that enthusiasm, confidence and regular participation opportunities are key.

Music and singing provide so many benefits to children’s development. Some of which include: providing opportunities for simultaneous sound and movement; building thinking skills including memory, sequencing and concentration; promoting creativity through improvisation and role play; providing clear structure and rules; practising social skills including turn-taking, confidence and singing in time; and allowing opportunities for physical skills both gross and fine motor and coordination.

We believe the extent to which music contributes to children’s development, including their ability to read and write, makes it integral to teaching throughout Primary education. The skills taught in music are built upon and transferable across the year groups with music taught both in curriculum time and in our school choir. We also provide out-of-school opportunities including choir performances, joining together with other school and community choirs and accessing concerts.

We sing at St Newlyn East Pit most years and congregate to sing at the Church at Christmas and Easter. We also have singing assemblies every week which is a great opportunity for the whole school to sing and learn songs together. Here at St Newlyn East we can access piano, ukulele, brass band and recorder lessons to allow our children to flourish into accomplished and passionate musicians. We also have a well-attended choir which enjoy performing for pleasure and competing in local competitions.


For our Music Curriculum we follow 'Charanga' which is a really fun and engaging scheme which ensures a clear progression of skills throughout the Primary years.

As well as teaching Music as part of our curriculum, we also have access to a wide range of specialist music teachers.
Currently our pupils access guitar, brass and piano lessons.
We also have whole classes being taught to play the ukulele and piano via the First Access Course run by the Cornwall Music Education Hub. 
We also have a hugely well attended and beautiful sounding school choir.