Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish

At St Newlyn East Learning Academy, we believe the younger that children are exposed to foreign languages, the more likely they are to develop a flair and passion for language learning in later life.
We begin learning Spanish at Key Stage 1, alongside offering French and Italian as after school clubs to all age groups, including Early Years Foundation Stage. 
Through learning languages, children are exposed to multicultural experiences- they develop an understanding of the importance of communication across cultures and localities. We feel it is important for our children to learn about the values, traditions and customs of other countries in order to gain a better understanding of the world.
We introduce our pupils to languages through games, music and stories in order to capture their enthusiasm and offer them basic vocabulary as a foundation for deeper learning when they begin to say and write longer conversation-level phrases in Key Stage 2.
Many of our pupils travel abroad for their holidays and we encourage them to learn simple phrases that will enable them to communicate with local speakers.