Humanities Intent

At St Newlyn East Learning Academy, the humanities curriculum is designed to facilitate engaging, question based enquiry that allows the children to consolidate and develop key geography and history skills, encompassed in a range of exciting topics. We truly believe that individually considering each cohort of children, alongside the class teachers’ passions, allows for topics to be selected that ensure children are completely immersed.

We are passionate that our humanities curriculum provides the children with the subject specific skills and cross curricular skills needed in order to move into the next year group and beyond; by turning the children into geographers or historians during lessons, they take ownership of their role, giving children the opportunity to make initial decisions about possible careers in the future.

During humanities we encourage all of our children to be curious and inquisitive learners, this spark is initially lit by offering a variety of experiences such as trips, guest speakers and topic launch activities in order to capture the children’s imagination. As a result, this is then followed up with a series of lessons where the children will take part in a range of exciting activities, to ensure they are maximising their outcomes in both history and geography.

As a school, we are lucky to be situated in a fantastic location. We take pride in ensuring this is reflected in the opportunities that the children have during our history curriculum. We aim to ensure all pupils receive a high quality history education during their time at our school. Our school provides children with the knowledge and understanding of Britain and the wider world within topics such as: Guy Fawkes, World War 1 and 2 and the Ancient Greeks, alongside carefully considered local history knowledge such as Transport in relation to local beaches and mining in Cornwall.  

By adopting a question based enquiry approach to our geography curriculum, we aim to develop self-initiated learners that want to ask deeper level questions. We capitalise on our wonderful location in order to inspire and fascinate our children. We aim to ensure all children receive a high quality geography education by providing them with the knowledge of diverse places, people, resources and environments on a worldwide scale during topics such as; Voyage and discovery into Antarctica, India and Earthquakes focusing on New Zealand and the Ring of Fire. This is alongside embedding geographic skills into local and regional knowledge such as Victorian London, comparing the peninsulas of Florida and Cornwall and Beach School.