Week beginning 9th and 16th May

This week, Foundation have really enjoyed thinking about caterpillars. We have been reading Eric Carle’s ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and thinking about what happens to caterpillars as they grow.

We have some caterpillars at school. The children are so excited that they are now beginning to form ‘J’ shapes and prepare to create chrysalides. One has already made a chrysalis. We have also been learning how to draw the lifecycle of a caterpillar and what they need to grow.

Our citizens: Tristan was our citizen last week. Tristan is so sensible and kind and we are so proud of him and how he has become such a sensible and caring friend.

Oscar, we are so proud of Oscar’s new found enthusiasm for all of his learning. He loves writing and reading and has little celebrations to himself when it is time to do either. He is working so so hard and this can be really seen in his progress! Well done, Oscar!

Week beginning 25th April and 2nd May.
This week, Foundation have started their new topic 'How do things grow?'. The children have been thinking about growing, firstly with plants. We have planted tomatoes, marigolds, peas and sunflowers. The children have enjoyed watching them beginning to germinate and learning about what plants need to grow. 
We are very excited to start thinking about how other things grow: caterpillars, mammals and even ourselves.
We have also had a go at writing some instructions for how to write a seed. The children have done a great job!
Citizens: Last week we've had Luke as our citizen. Luke has been working really hard at his writing and reading!
This week, our citizen is Archie. Archie is kind and caring all of the time. He has also become so mature over the last term. We are so proud of him!
Weeks beginning: 28th March and 4th April:
Foundation have been very busy learning all about doubles, this week. The children have enjoyed creating and solving double number sentences: on their fingers, with objects, with mirrors and with dominoes. The children loved writing and creating their own number sentences; some were very challenging. Most children can now solve double number sentences to 5 very speedily and fluently. 
I hope you have a wonderful Easter holidays and that you find lots of chocolate eggs. I will see you soon!
1st April: This week our citizen is Zach. We are so proud of how his reading and writing are progressing. He is working so so hard and we can really see this!
Week Beginning 14th and 25th March:
This week, in Foundation, we had a real treat. We had a board game afternoon. Last term, our challenge was to play as many board games at home as we could. To celebrate our amazing efforts, we invited the mummies and daddies in to play some new games with us. It was great and the children were so excited to try some new games. Huge thank you to everyone that attended!
18th March: This week our citizen is Oscar! Oscar has been working so hard at his reading and writing and making so much progress because of this! Well done, Oscar.
25th March: Florrie is our citizen this week. We are so proud of how sensible, kind and hardworking Florrie is! Everyone needs a Florrie in their class!
Weeks beginning 28th Feb and 7th March:
This half term, Foundation have been learning about 'The Detective Dog' by Julia Donaldson. In the story of the Detective Dog, Nell is really good at sniffing and manages to find the book thief using just her nose. We had some police dogs visit us at school and show us how they use their noses to find things. 
We also had a go at using our own noses to identify smells. We wanted to see whether our noses are as good as Nell's. We explored sniffing toothpaste, onion, vinegar, crisps, coffee, hot chocolate, curry powder, bananas, cheese, washing powder, tuna and lemons. First we sniffed with our eyes open and talked about what the things smelled like; then we were blind folded and sniffed things and had to guess what they were. We were very good at smelling.
Citizen: 4th Feb: This week our citizen is Livvy. Livvy has settled in so well at our school and we are so proud of her growing confidence and hard work!

Weeks beginning 31st January and 7th February:


We’ve been learning about our ears, in Foundation. We’ve been reading ‘Freddie and the Fairy’ which is all about being a clear talker and following communication rules. It also discusses what we can do to help people who find listening tricky.

We’ve played lots of listening games at school to train our ears to be even better at listening. We have also played with some walkie-talkies and had a go at talking to our friends when we can’t even see them!


Last week our citizen was Poppy. Poppy has been showing real resilience at school and working particuarly hard at her reading and writing! Well done Poppy!


This week Sienna is our citizen. We are so proud of how Sienna has settled back into our class. She is kind, happy and working so so hard! Well done, Sienna!

Week beginning: 17th and 24th January
We have been learning the story of 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We have been thinking about what it means to be a good friend. We made some paper crowns and cards for our friends like the animals made for George in the story. The children really enjoyed making crowns and cards and then giving them to their friends. They also talked about why they liked their friedns and what makes them special.
This week our citizen is Oscar. Oscar has been working so hard and showing a very 'can do' attitude. Well done!
Week beginning 5th and 10th January:
The children have come back to school so happy and ready to learn. I am so proud of them. It's like we've never been away.
We have had a very exciting week in Foundation. We have been learning about 'The Everywhere Bear' by Julia Donaldson. The children have really enjoyed this story and we now have our own Everywhere bear who visits the children at the weekends. We met Rebecca Cobb, the illustrator of 'The Everywhere Bear' on Tuesday and the children got to ask her lots of questions about what it's like being an illustrator. She told us that she likes using a barbeque skewer to do her pictures so we had a go at this too.
We've also explored capacity, this week, by thinking about Archimedes' bath and measuring what happens to the water level when we add animals to a 'bath'.
This week's citizen is Evie! Evie is so kind, helpful and hard working. She is progressing so well in her reading and writing. She is a joy to have around and we are so proud of her!
Mrs Jessica Penrose

Class Teacher

Hi, I'm Mrs Penrose and I teach Foundation.

I've always been so passionate about the Early Years, every day is so different and you get to be so creative. The children learn so much in this year but it's always really fun and playful. I love how enthusiastic the children are about school and how much energy they have.

Music is also a real passion of mine and I try to incorporate music and singing into every day, if not every lesson! I run our school's choir and we sing together as a school, every week! Singing is great for our bodies and our minds!

I also love to read and can often be found in the sunshine reading a great story.

I've always lived in Cornwall so when I'm not at school I love taking long walks by the coast with my husband and my dog Wilbur.

St Newlyn East is an amazing school and like one big family. I love it here!

Mrs Sarah Boden

Teaching Assistant

Hello, I’m Mrs Boden.
I have worked at St Newlyn East for many years now and I am proud to say both my children came to our wonderful school. I work in Foundation and enjoy every single minute.
When I’m not in school I enjoy walks on the beach.....looking for sea glass.
I also love spending time with my two ducks, who were both hatched at our school.

Week Beginning: 29th November and 6th December
Well, it's been a very busy few weeks, getting ready for our performance of 'Wriggly Navtivity!'. The children did so so well; they were confident, focused and smiley both on stage and off. They sang their socks off and there were lots of smiles and happy tears. Everyone is so proud of them. Foundation have loved learning the story of the Nativity: reading it, acting it and playing it in our small world play.
Well done, Foundation and Year 1, you were fantastic!
We have also been learning about how the Nativity story is a special story for Christians. We have loved exploring other special stories in the Bible and discussing what makes them special to people who believe in God.
Citizens: 29th November: Albert! Albert's confidence has grown hugely since starting school. We are so proud of how outgoing, resilient and kind he is! Well done!
6th December: Tristan! Tristan is working so hard at school, particularly at being calm and gentle. We are so pleased with how well he is doing! 
Week beginning 15th and 22nd November
This week Foundation have had a go at writing our first sentences. The children were so resilient and proud of themselves. We wrote about our names and our ages. Look at our fabulous writing!
We have also been learning about Autumn and the changes that happen during this season. We loved going on an Autumn hunt and spotting mushrooms, bare trees, berries and pinecones. The children have loved exploring the different coloured leaves; and painting and sketching them.
19th November: This week our citizen was Charlotte. Charlotte is so kind and caring. She is also showing great perseverance in all of her learning. Well done, Charlotte.
26th November: Albert is our citizen. Albert has settled into school so well. He is really working on being brave and resilient and this is so clear in his attitude at school!
Week Beginning 1st and 8th November:
This week we have been learning all about pumpkins. We have made orange to paint pictures of pumpkins. We carried them around and thought about how big or heavy they were. We also practised chopping, peeling and cutting to make our own pumpkin soup. We have loved reading and acting out the story of 'Pumpkin Soup' by Helen Cooper and explored being kind and sharing as part of the story!
Citizen: 5th November: Zach! Zach has been working so hard at school. He is always keen to have a go at something new and try his best.
Citizen: 12th November: Fleur! Fleur is so cheerful and kind. She always tries her best and is particularly improving in her reading! Keep it up, Fleur!
Week beg 4th and 11th October:
We have so enjoyed exploring and choosing some new things to play with at school!
This week we soaked some Orbeez in water to explore pouring, mixing and straining. We loved the squishy, gooey feeling of the orbeez and really loved practising scooping them with different sized spoons and pots.
We have also explored some cutting and sticking with recycled materials to create models: some children created some amazing houses, binoculars and even a 'toilet plunger'!
We loved getting the PE equipment out in the hall and practising our balancing, climbing and sliding.
We are still learning our sounds and have now learnt how to blend and segment simple words. We are so good at this! The children are really enjoying practising writing them in lots of different ways.
In maths, we have been learning to subitise to 3 and practising our careful counting. 
8th October: This week our citizen was Beau. Beau is always super smiley and cheerful. She is also always kind and willing to have a go at our new learning! Well done, Beau!
15th October: This week our citizen is Florence. Florence is kind, helpful, focused, hardworking and so cheerful. She really is a joy to teach. Everyone needs a Florrie!
Week Beg: 20th and 27th September
Can you believe we've been at school for three weeks now? We have settled beautifully at school and we are really enjoying getting to know all of the areas of our classroom and learning how to play with them and tidy them away. We are also starting to learn our sounds and have now learnt m, a, s, d, t, i and n. We are so enjoying playing sound games and practising our letter formation.
This week our citizen was Tilly. Tilly is so kind and helpful. She always engages with all of our learning and we are very lucky to have her as part of our class.
 Friday 10th September.
What a fantastic week we have had in Foundation. 12 children started school this week and 7 children had lunches too! We have played with the construction corner, the water, the sand, the PE equipment, the trains, the duplo and the puzzles. We even had a go at some cutting and sticking.
5 more children start on Monday and then we will have all of our friends at school. 
I am so proud of the children's resilience and how brave they have been this week. They have played really sensibly with their friends, used beautiful manners and asked for help when they needed it. Well done!
Have a big rest and a lovely weekend and I will see you on Monday!
Citizen of the Week!
This week our citizen is Luke! Luke has settled into school life so well. He is always polite, kind and happy at school. We are so proud of you, Luke!