The children and staff are really proud of our Floorbooks which have been fully introduced in the 2021/2022 academic year. They are a working document which many children in Reception and Year 1 enjoy looking through and discussing during book time. They are a key tool we use to develop and assess children’s learning in our curriculum.

We use them as a frame of reference for the exciting learning that happens in school. All subjects apart from Literacy and Maths may be evidenced in them – they are so useful as a teacher, as sometimes, you may not require a written outcome for certain lessons; and so, post-it notes, photos, sketches, opinions from children may all offer a means of recording the learning that has occurred.

Floorbooks often contain the KO from the unit that has been covered; this is extremely beneficial if teaching staff, SLT, parents or visitors want to talk through some of the children’s learning and memories of the lesson/learning/event. For example, when the Year 2 Great Fire of London pupil conference was completed, the Floorbook was used as the tool to quiz the children.

Please see some examples below of our Floorbooks in action and the different strategies class teachers used to capture the learning.

We hope this has provided you with more detail about our ‘Enquiry-led Curriculum’ which we are very proud of.

Please see some examples on this page from the classes.