Early Reading and Read Write Inc. Phonics

Early Reading and Read, Write, Inc. Phonics

at St. Newlyn East Learning Academy


We prioritise Reading

Reading is and always has been our priority for all pupils, from day 1 of their school lives. School leaders and staff recognise that reading is a skill that gives children access to the rest of the curriculum and to life-long learning. We ensure training and monitoring of reading is in place and it is regularly reviewed. The systematic, synthetic phonics programme of Read Write Inc is delivered daily to EYFS and KS1. Pupils in KS2 who require Reading support access the Read, Write Inc. Fresh Start programme. 


Programme and Progress

Read Write Inc. Phonics is systematic and enjoyable programme that teaches children to read and write quickly and easily. We have followed this programme for 8 years and we are proud of the rapid progress our pupils make with their Phonics and Early Reading. Pupils who fall behind are quickly identified and are supported through 1:1 tutoring.


We teach Phonics from the start

Children are grouped by 'stage not age' allowing lessons to specifically address individual learning needs. Our pupils begin their reading journey from the first week in Foundation, when they are introduced to the first sounds in the Read, Write Inc. programme.


We ensure books match sounds taught

Through the Read Write Inc programme, children are given books that match the sounds that they have been taught, in the order they are taught. Children are then able to read with confidence and practice their reading at home with Read, Write Inc. Book Bag Books. They also have access to the full collection of Read, Write Inc. Storybooks via the Oxford Owl eBook Library.


We are all Early Reading Experts

A key element of the Read Write Inc. approach is that practice across the school is completely consistent. This is achieved because every member of staff is trained, coached and supported to be an expert in the teaching of reading. 


We all have a love of Reading!

Our staff and children are absolutely passionate about reading! Children are exposed to a wealth of texts and authors including traditional tales, poetry, non-fiction and new authors and teachers read to their classes throughout the school day. The school library is regularly restocked and children are consulted on the selection of new reading books. Children have the daily opportunity to spend time quietly reading independently or 1:1 with a member of staff. This enables our learners to be fully engaged with their books.