At St. Newlyn East Learning Academy, we take internet safety extremely seriously.  Every year group regularly participates in lessons on e-safety and all children understand how to stay safe when using technology. 

The internet is an amazing resource which enables children and young people to connect, communicate and be creative in a number of different ways, on a range of devices. However, the internet is always changing, and being able to keep up to date with your children’s use of technology can be a challenge. You may sometimes feel that your children have better technical skills than you do, however children and young people still need advice and protection when it comes to managing their lives online.

You don't need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child safe; as a parent or carer you play a key role in helping your child to stay safe online; our advice and resources are here to support you, as you support your child at home to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school on stnewlyneast@kernowlearning.co.uk if you have any worries or concerns or you can contact the Kernow Learning safeguarding team on concern@kernowlearning.co.uk
Our school e-safety policy can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. 
E-Safety Tips and Hints for Staying Safe Online-April 2021
E-safety isn’t just about using the internet – it’s about all of the ways in which we use any form of technology to communicate, record, share, investigate, shop, learn or play. Just as importantly, e-safety isn’t just about keeping our pupils safe; it’s about keeping everyone safe and that’s why we invest a great deal of time and energy in providing supportive and informative learning about this to parents, staff and pupils.

Each year, we mark Internet Safety Day by having a whole-school focus on what it means to stay safe. Through assemblies, year-group-specific lessons and interactive games we explore what ‘staying safe looks like’ and ‘how we can be safe’.

In school, we are fortunate to be protected by a range of online filtering and monitoring and through working collaboratively with the South West Grid for Learning and the UK Safer Internet Centre, we provide support to parents about how to filter and monitor at home but crucially, why it’s important too!

To help us, the Safer Internet Centre have put together a range of resources and one of the most useful is Common Sense Media which provides a wealth of advice and resources for parents and teachers.  The most useful sections are the Website, App and Movie sections which allows you to check the suitability of a website, game or app.
Please find a range of parental guides below: